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Passive income publishing {pip} Review!


What is passive income publishing {pip}?

passive income publishing {pip} is a training course by a mother and daughter team Marlene & Michelle. Who will teach you how to start your own passive income publishing low-content books on the Kindle Direct Publishing platform?

How Does Product Work?

Learn How To Become Part Of The Lucrative World Of Self-PublishingThousands of people, with no special skills, are quietly building a self-publishing business publishing low-content books on the Kindle Platform. Best of all, they are doing this without spending weeks or months writing a book. As a matter of fact, it takes them very little time to create a book and publish it. Learn how you can quickly and easily do this too, without wasting tons of time AND without having to spend a cent upfront.

There’s a LOT of information on the internet about publishing low-content books (LCB) on the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform. However, just because you have access to the information, does not mean you know how to use it to build a successful self-publishing business. You can spend hours gathering information, only to find yourself confused and unsure about how to put it all together. With so many distractions online, as well as keeping up with your day-to-day life, finding time to focus on getting the right information can be very hard.

What’s even harder, is to use all that information correctly. Doing this on your own can take months, if not years, to accomplish with a lot of trial and error, and frustration along the way. Chances are, you’ll get so frustrated you’ll quit before ever publishing your first book!

So, what is the real problem here? How do you get the right information, and how do you use it correctly to build your very own passive income business with the least amount of pain? Would it help to have a guide to show you every step of the way? A guide that will eliminate months of struggle and wasted effort?

Say YES, and in a few hours from now you’ll be creating and publishing your own low-content books on KDP. Not only that, but you will also have a solid foundation to start building a business that can provide passive income forever, allowing you more time to enjoy life and do the things you really want.


This course is broken down into 7 modules



What is KDP?

Pros & Cons of Publishing on KDP

What Are Low Content Books?

Why Should You Focus On Your Customer?

Why Quality Over Quantity Is Important And How To Achieve Both


The Importance of Niche Research

How To Find Profitable Niches

How To Come Up With Book Ideas

How To Find The Right Keywords

Why You Should Validate Your Idea

How To Validate Your Idea

4 Questions You Must Answer

Tools To Make Research Easy


Planning :
How To Get Started

How To Plan Your Book Cover

How To Plan Your Book Interior


Design Fundamentals

Software To Make It Easy

How To Create Interior Pages

How To Merge Interiors To Create Your Book

How To Create Your Cover


Writing A Compelling Description

Understanding Amazon Categories

How To Add Extra Categories

How To Pick The Best Keywords

How To Use Keywords Effectively


Setting Up Your KDP Account

How To Complete Book Details

How To Complete Keyword Boxes For Maximum Results

Uploading & Approving Your Book

Confirm Rights, Pricing & Publish


Know Your What & Why

Batch Tasks

Stay Organized

Admin & Bookkeeping

Staying Out Of Trouble


Get access here:

Product Upsells and OTO’s

FE. passive income publishing {pip} 9.97$ launch special.

OTO 1 The PIP Acceleration Package 27$ launch special.TIME SAVER
You Can Create 100s of Books With The PIP Acceleration Package, Which Means You Save A Lot Of Time & Build Your Publishing Business Much Faster!

OTO 2 The DFY Cover Template Package. 37$

Will Save You A Lot of Time!
You Can Combine These With The Accelerator Package Interiors or Use To Create Covers For Any Other Suitable Niche.

OTO 3 W The Done For You Package:97$

With Our Done For You Package You Don’t Have To Do A Thing!
You Receive Everything Ready To Upload & Publish
(and we can even help with that)

OTO 4 The PIP VIP club:10$ launch special.

It’s so much easier to build a business when you know someone has your back.
So, allow us to have yours and keep you updated with tips & tricks, recommendations, and things happening in the KDP world.
We’ll also share the lessons we learn from the things we do.

Are There Any Product Coupons?

If you buy during launch week you will get a launch discounts and coupons.

Are There Any Product Bonuses?


Which includes

Bonus #1
5 Ready To Publish Books

Value $500+

Recipe Organizers that people can write their own recipes in are some of the best-sellers on Amazon. With these ready-to-publish manuscripts & editable covers, you can have your own book(s) published in a few hours!

Bonus #2
Graphics & Templates

Value $500+

Want to easily create your own unique interiors & covers? No problem! Use the templates and graphics as a starting point to create as many new, different interiors and covers as you want. This way you can build a massive catalog of books easily and quickly!

Bonus #3
600+ Activity Book Interior Pages

Value $150+

Activity Books sell like hot cakes on Amazon. But they do take time to create. This pack of more than 600 activity pages (adults & kids) will give you a head start so you can publish your own activity books in record time

Secure Your Access to the Training & Bonuses Now

You don’t have to invest in the Passive Income Publishing course – you can go out and find all the information on your own.
But… it will take you a lot of time. And then, once you have the information, will you know how to use it correctly? It could be like having the combination of numbers to unlock a vault but not knowing the right sequence.
With the Passive Income Publishing course, you can do things the right way and order and save a lot of time and frustration.
It’s that simple.
With the Passive Income Publishing course, it’s also that easy.


Secure your bonuses here:

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