Ethical Search Engine Optimisation – Link Building Practices.

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This article covers the fundamentals of why web designers require to develop links to their sites, why google penalizes individuals for purchasing links, and the best way to develop links whilst remaining on the ideal side of Google!

The old Technique to getting noted in Google – (Still practiced by some out of date SEO business!).

It utilized to be recommended that to get your website lists in Googles online search engine you ought to send your site to Google, and as lots of other online search engines as poss …

This post covers the essentials of why webmasters require to build links to their websites, why google punishes people for purchasing links, and the best method to build links whilst remaining on the right side of Google!

The old Approach to getting listed in Google – (Still practiced by some out of date SEO business!).

It utilized to be advised that to get your site lists in Google’s search engine you need to send your website to Google, and as many other online search engines as possible.

Whilst this (cough) Might work, it is an exceptionally time-consuming procedure. Even Google themselves admit that because of the large number of sites submitted it can take weeks for any kind of results … and that’s if anything happens at all!

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Search Engine Submission Business?


Well yes, there are companies that for a charge will submit your site to 100’s or 1000’s of search engines. Some of the search engine submission companies might even suggest you pay them a month-to-month cost to send your site every month.

How do I get my website noted and ranked in search engines then ???


Okay, so we have told you how not to do it, and who not to throw your toss at!– But what about how to get listed quickly, and get excellent rankings?

Initially, forget any SEO company that ensures you a number one or first-page position in Google. Forget any companies that inform you it much better to rank high in a ‘lesser’ online search engine! Forget anybody that say’s they can get you instantaneous outcomes!

The reality is that the inner working of the Google search algorithm is a closely guarded secret!– Google is not ready to inform ANYONE how their formula works– even if they did, it is continuously being upgraded to bring better results, keep up with the basic changes in the cyber world, and combat search engine spam and black hat SEO.

That stated, we do know that a BIG part of the Google search algo covers Off Page SEO (aka backlinks!).

The fundamental rule is that the more backlinks you have the much better. Basic eh?! (If only!).

There is more to this naturally!– The very best links to have are ones from pertinent websites (ones that are on a comparable theme or topic) and from websites that have some PageRank (PR is simply one little element of the Google Algo … We will have a short article coming up on PR quickly, don’t stress!).

So … to get noted, all you require to do is buy good, quality backlinks from websites that are on the very same subject as yours which have some PageRank yes?

Well … sort of!– BUT …

Because of the substantial impact backlinks like this can have on your search positions, people obviously started to purchase links to their sites …

Google didn’t like this and chosen to attempt to punish individuals that purchased links for the function of raising their website’s rankings.– But Why?

Some people really disliked Google for doing this!– But if you take a look at it from Google’s point of view, the entire factor that getting backlinks helps your site get greater in the Google online search engine is since each backlink is viewed as a ‘vote’ for your website.

Using this system made it possible for Google to return really appropriate searches for its users, because what people were talking about online was taken into account …:.

If somebody browsed Google for ‘motorbike training’ then Google would return whatever websites were most appropriate to this term. Obviously, if great deals of individuals were linking to a specific website from pages that discussed ‘motorcycle training’ then that would be a sign that the website they are connecting to is about motorcycle training!

The issue for Google is that if people are allowed to simply purchase links to their websites, it implies that their search results are open to control by the greatest bidder!

Now think for a moment if you were Google … Your search engine was popular since it delivered appropriate results. People are beginning to purchase backlinks and thus control their outcomes in your search engine and there is a threat that this will suggest less appropriate outcomes being shown for your searchers … This might ultimately lead to you losing the market majority to the likes of Yahoo … Now think of that you are making billions of days per year and this is what is at stake!

Well, like it or not Google just recently did!


These days if a site gets caught purchasing links for the function of controlling the search rankings they might be punished by Google and lose rankings in a huge method!

Is this the end of link structure and Off Page SEO?


Never! No chance!


Backlinks are still a HUGE part of the Google Algorithm.

The result of having lots of backlinks (quality ones!) can still be incredible for your online search engine positions. The distinction is that nowadays you can not just purchase backlinks and anticipate to relax and view your site soar through the Google results pages … maybe it will at first, but if you get learned you might suffer in the long term!

So how can a webmaster build backlinks these days and in the future? That’s the million-dollar question (or the $800 monthly concern sometimes!).

To successfully construct backlinks and raise your website in Google’s search results you have to go about your link building without intending to raise your website in Google’s search engine result … What?– That sounds insane!

Well, what we indicate is … if you wish to raise your website in Google, stop trying so hard!– Google wants to fetch its searchers the most relevant sites … so to start with make sure that your website MATTERS. Next, you require to let individuals know your site exists!

Google doesn’t seem to have a problem with link building, so long as it’s provided for the right factors. Link building should be done to raise awareness of your site, not to control any algorithms. If done correctly then people will find your website through your links, and after that, they will enjoy your content so much or discover it so beneficial that they will begin to inform others online about it. This is the whole idea that Google is based upon. Appropriate sites should be discussed lots by individuals because niche … it is natural!

— Hmmm … It can be, however, you do have to be cautious not to set off any alarms whilst link building.– In the current online marketing climate it is possible to get your site punished by Google by doing something that makes the magnificent G believe you are up to no good.

Examples of this are: ‘sponsored links’, some types of link exchange of switching, link farms, linking out to ‘bad neighborhood’ websites, spam and so on. this list is very long!

Each link you get must really be evaluated for its quality and its pro’s and con’s.

If I work with someone to do this for me all is okay, I can’t be banned right?– WRONG!


There is a ridiculous quantity of link structure and SEO (search engine optimization) business out there nowadays, all desperate to take your money!– A few of them are great, some are excellent and some are awful!

I have even seen a conditions page that states that the SEO Business are not liable if they get your website banned from Google !!!– Crazy or what!

If you want to find an excellent SEO/ link building company, search Google for something like ‘ethical SEO expert’ and perhaps examine the first one to 3 results (make sure you are checking the natural listings and not the ‘sponsored links’ bit that appears at the right-hand man side of the outcomes page, and sometimes at the top– if an SEO company is an excellent, why would they need to pay to advertise– can they not get their own website to rank!?!).

Attempt to discover out what sort of link structure they use (email them if needed) when you look at the website. It would be smart to pick a company that provides quality posts, and post and other online PR work (as in Public Relations, not Page Rank!).

I hope this article has cleared things up a little about SEO!

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