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Discover the Greatest Goldmine of Facebook & Instagram Ad Tactics, Tips, & Gangsta’ Tricks Ever CRAMMED Into One KILLER Course.


Does Your Business Need TRAFFIC?

I know, I know…this isn’t a serious question…

OF COURSE, your business needs traffic.

But here is the important part…

While ANYONE can create a Facebook ad account, create an ad, and start spending money (the EASY part)…

Not everyone can get Facebook to send GOOD traffic that will actually BUY from you (the HARD part).

After managing more than $25,000,000 (<–NOT a typo) in Facebook & Instagram ad spend last year, my good friend David Schloss can tell you (and he has the ad accounts and proof to back this up)…


It’s not about “Cost Per Click”…

It’s not about “Ad Frequency”…

It’s not about “Targeting”…

It’s not about “Click Thru Rate”…

 “It’s not?” you say.  No, sorry.  While all of these are important metrics to measure, they simply are NOT the most important factors for achieving success with Facebook & Instagram ads.

Due to CRAZY-HIGH DEMAND, David has finally agreed to spill the beans and open up his training to the public.

So he’s decided to release a FREE 3-Part Video Series sharing with you:

1.)   Which ad type you should use (now playing…)

2.)   Who you should target (available Friday 09/18)

3.)   How to not waste a bunch of money (available Monday 09/21)


If what you want is to build a massively successful business online in 2020 and beyond, then you do NOT want to miss this special free video series.


Go get David’s All-New FREE Training Now » You’ll Be Glad You Did!


And here’s what I can tell you…

David could write a nice long sales page and tell you all the reasons why you need this course, but if you’re on this page, chances are you already know.

Do you really want to learn Facebook & Instagram ads?

No, probably not.

But what you DO want… is what knowing how to run Facebook & Instagram ads will do for your business:

  • More Traffic (website visitors)
  • More Leads (potential customers)
  • More Sales (actual customers)
  • More Revenue (to grow your business)
  • More Profit (to live the life you want).

It’s not complicated.

And it’s really not all that hard…

Once you know what I know.

So, if you want to know what I know…


David SchlossDavid Schloss is an online entrepreneur who began marketing in 2007 from his college apartment.

Over the years, he has helped hundreds of businesses improve their website traffic, customer acquisition, and revenue using social advertising.

His business, Convert ROI, enables businesses to succeed by taking complicated social ad plans and seamlessly turning them into easy-to-follow revenue-producing campaigns. He manages over $2.5 MILLION per month in paid advertising via Facebook and Instagram.

He was been rated as one of the top “Experts to Watch” by Forbes Magazine, has been featured on, Business Insider, The Huffington Post, and been interviewed on various podcasts and web shows around the topic of social advertising.

someone who many smart business owners turn to for help with their ads…)

(Because David can do this:)

Matt StefanikMatt Stefanik, aka “The Lifestyle Architect” and former founder of the Funnel Buildr Shopify app, is a marketing expert, consultant, speaker, and lifelong entrepreneur. He has spoken at various marketing events around the world including in Atlanta, Cozumel, Tokyo, Las Vegas, Montreal, and London.

Matt has launched dozens of info products, has had multiple six-figure webinars, built and sold a company that developed 18 Shopify apps, and was responsible for helping take another brand new Shopify app company from $0 to $30 Million in 3 years.

In 2002, Matt dropped out of college, started his own real estate business, and 18 years later is still successfully self-employed.  Matt has now made millions online with digital and physical products, software, coaching, and consulting, and is and is the architect of everything you see created throughout this funnel. Matt is a husband to “The Entrepreneur’s Wife™”, father of three, serial entrepreneur, hardcore rebel, and lover of comedy, craft beer, and The Ohio State Buckeyes.

Here’s What’s Under the Hood Inside
“Clicks, Conversions, Clients.”
marketing strategies

Advertising Fundamentals

In module 1, we’ll be discussing the basics of advertising on Facebook and Instagram, particularly when it comes to understanding the terms of service so you can keep your account in compliance (and out of Facebook’s doghouse).  I’ll also share avoiding mistakes, ad objectives, tracking budgets, ad format basics, basic targeting, and how to perform “interest research.”


Advertising Strategy

In module 2, we’ll be discussing how to set up your ads manager, retargeting strategies, a crazy “$1/day” strategy that no one knows (and I know because I invented it), ad recall – what it means, and how to achieve it, page post engagement (PPE) ads, dynamic split-testing, 4×2, and 4×4 CBO conversion ads, split-testing audiences, and the secret to gaining Instagram followers.


KPIs, Metrics, and Data Points

In module 3, I’ll get into understanding your metrics and “key progress indicators” (KPIs) as well as other data points you need to consider.  I’ll cover “customer lifetime value” (CLV) and how to determine it (and why it matters), Facebook reportsUTM tracking, and knowing when you’re ready to scale.


Ad Creatives

In module 4, I’ll dive into ad creatives such as images vs. video and other variations, automatic vs. custom placements, 60-second video vs. long-form video, feeds vs. stories, and carousels vs. collections.  It’s one showdown of paid ad awesomeness after another!



In module 5, I’ll be sharing with you the many different ways to target, how to use your existing email list, website custom audiences, how to create “lookalike” audiences, and my philosophy for how and why I create them the way I do, audience demographics and what you should be paying attention to, as well as interest expansion (both broad and specific).


Campaign Setup

In module 6, I’ll cover campaigns A to Z – from the overview to how they work to understanding the “learning phase,” CBO vs. ABO vs. MBO, strategic placement, customer events optimization vs. “value” optimization, and more you never knew you wanted to know (lol weird, but you’ll see what I mean).


The Foundation of Scaling

In module 7, I’m going to discuss what every advertiser eventually wants to know – SCALING!  First and foremost, I’ll be sharing the importance of fundamentals when it comes to scaling, namely compliance and back to those pesky terms of service.  I’ll also dig into testing elements, which metrics to consider when testing, cutting your losses, ditching underperformers, increasing budgets on winners (the right way), and what the heck a “sustainable cost target” is.  It’s only slightly nerdy.


Advanced Campaign Segmentation

In module 8, we’ll get down to the nitty-gritty and discuss advanced campaign segmentation, manual vs. auto bidding strategies, my “no targeting” optimization method, multichannel marketing, custom audiences for retargeting, the largely ignored ad placements you could exploit (while no one else is) and what I consider the “ultimate ad set.” Iiiiiit’s KILLER.


Scaling Methodologies

In module 9, it’s more super high-level shizzy – vertical scaling, horizontal scaling, and campaign budget optimization scaling.  I’ll cover scaling with automation and rules you can set up, duplicating ads with additional audiences, and my 1x4x4 technique with advanced segmentation that might just blow you away.


Webinar Funnel Advertising

In module 10, I’ll share with you everything I know about running ads for your webinar funnels – namely how to actually FILL your webinars.  Should you go direct to registration or mini-VSL?  I’ll reveal what I learned about “live rooms” vs. “replay rooms,” retargeting leads to boost attendance, as well as some real case studies and testimonials, plus creating content that sells.


Agency Tools

In module 11, this will be training geared towards marketing agencies.  Whether you have an existing agency or want to start one, I’ll share with you how I run my agency from onboarding new clients, setting up pixels with custom conversionsbusiness manager essentials, agency growth tools, and creating automation in your business that without would doom you from the start.

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