Affiliate Marketing Earnings – The Not-so-Quick Path To Making Money Online Without Your Own Products



Affiliate Marketing has actually been promoted as a method to make money fast – without the bother of requiring your own product. It’s undoubtedly possible to generate income with affiliate marketing, and there are a few uncommon affiliate programs where the money, IF made, appears rapidly. However, they are the exception rather than the rule. Most of the time, the money appears after a significant time lag.

At Clickbank, for example, the top affiliate program, the money is sent out two weeks.

Affiliate Marketing

has been touted as a way to make cash fast – without the bother of needing your own item. It’s undoubtedly possible to make cash with affiliate marketing, and there are a few unusual affiliate programs where the cash, IF made, appears quickly.

At Clickbank, for example, the primary affiliate program, the cash is sent two weeks after the end of each accounting duration (of which they are 2 monthly). The majority of the others have similar rules, with some taking even longer, approximately “the start of the month after the month after the month during which the purchase was made.”

In addition, a lot of programs likewise have minimums that have to be reached prior to you get anything. Obviously, if you have earned just pennies, the delay will not make much of a distinction.

Even, which somebody had promoted as a much faster-paying program, doesn’t pay quicker. Perhaps they used to, but by the time I got to them, they had actually clearly gotten used to market conventions.

A couple of affiliate programs do pay faster, but those have turned out to be exceptionally competitive. I had been depending on my one quick-pay affiliate program to deliver the goods and pay my costs, therefore far I have made definitely NOTHING from it in spite of making it the main focus of all my marketing campaigns. It might pay quickly in theory, but nothing, even if it appears actually quickly, is still nothing at all.

My guess: there are many individuals attempting to offer this particular person’s stuff that the marketplace is essentially saturated.

So affiliate programs might be legitimate and worthy, but the money from your affiliate marketing efforts will not be appearing in your savings account nearly as quick as your funds will get diminished if you purchase all their products to ensure they deserve your investment in time and effort, or if you promote your affiliate links by way of Pay Per Click.

Don’t count on the affiliate cash to bail you out when your Amex bill is due if cash is tight. It most likely will not be there in time, if it will even get to all. Being an excellent affiliate marketer can be expensive, and if you don’t beware, it can land you in a financial jam.

Not that this lag-time in pay-out is always a problem for everybody. You most likely won’t care if you have deep pockets. And if you’re generally the thrifty type, you might in fact invite the reality that you weren’t able to spend the cash. Still, it’s excellent to know the length of time these things take and to prepare for the wait. And people should not need to look for the small print to find out just for how long that wait might end up being.

The other part they do not tell you about affiliate earnings

is how darn hard it is to make any of it at all. I’ve been advertising in ezine posts, on my webpage (not the most-trafficked website, admittedly, but still), in ads, and to my budding list. Revenues up until now: Zilch (not counting the ebook I bought myself at on which I received commission – about 6 weeks after my purchase).

Plan for the lag in time until the money starts rolling in. Once it does, and you’re getting regular sales, it will work as promoted, with money coming in every other week or so (for each affiliate network).

If you’d like to hedge your bets, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, to stay with the poultry metaphor. For starters, go with a number of various affiliate programs. And then, do something else completely:

Why not produce your own product?

Either from private label products or from scratch. You can offer your products straight through PayPal or your shopping cart system, and if you have PayPal’s BANK CARD, you can get the cash just as soon as it strikes your PayPal account, which is the minute you’ve made the sale. Pretty cool!

So if you want quickly, sell your own item. If you want a no-fuss stream of income, albeit not a rapid-fire one, choose a few excellent products and inform everyone and their buddies about them. The very best method: combine the two. That way, you’ll have the very best of both worlds.

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